Exact Mixing, a leading provider of innovative continuous mixing solutions, has introduced Hydrobond Technology,™ a new solution that delivers instant, even hydration of a dry ingredient stream (typically flour) before it enters the continuous mixer. This uniform hydration is accomplished without adding heat to the dough, and results in shorter mixing time, with less energy required.

Hydrobond Technology mixes dough on a particle-to-particle basis. It is based on the principle that mixing smaller amounts of liquid and dry ingredients together at one time is easier and more efficient. Normally the hydration step is done inside the mixer, but that takes longer and the hydration isn’t as uniform. Without Hydrobond Technology, the mixer also needs to be larger, which adds to the equipment and operating costs. With Hydrobond Technology, a continuous mixer can produce significantly more dough using the same size mixer.

When used with a continuous mixer, Hydrobond Technology speeds up the continuous process allowing for the use of a shorter mixer, which means a smaller footprint, lower equipment costs, and lower energy costs. Hydrobond Technology can also be used with a pre-hydration system to mix particles of flour, minors and water directly into a brew holding tank.

The Exact Mixing Hydrobond Technology can be retrofitted to existing systems.