Biscuit Oven

Whether your biscuit manufacturing process involves hard or soft dough, the Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN from Reading Bakery Systems can help you produce a first-class product and improve productivity.

The Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN has been trusted in the biscuit, cracker and cookie industry for more than a century. It is a flexible single-pass baking platform designed to enhance product consistency. Features include:

  • Direct gas fired, convection, and combination radiant/convection baking zones
  • Repeatable control of type of heat transfer, time, temperature and humidity
  • Precise product moisture removal with operator controlled exhaust, air temperature and circulation velocity
  • Improves baking efficiency
  • Promotes uniform quality, color, taste and texture
  • Non-corrosive steel interior, stainless optional
  • Large cleanout oven access doors
  • Pre-assembled for quicker installation
  • Full stainless steel available when salt, corrosion or high humidity levels are a concern

The PRISM OVEN is available as an individual piece of equipment or as part of the Reading Bakery Systems Hard and Soft Biscuit System which will help you create a variety of sheeted and rotary molded biscuits. Production volumes range from 500 – 2500 kg/hr.

Other equipment in the biscuit production line includes the Thomas L. Green 3-Roll Sheeter for forming hard biscuits. It is designed to be fed manually or automatically from a batch or Exact Continuous Mixer and generates a consistent dough sheet that is ready for additional thickness reduction or lamination.

Thomas L. Green Gauging Stations ensure a gentle reduction in sheet thickness prior to shape forming. Thickness is generally reduced by a 2:1 ratio from infeed to discharge. Gauge rolls maintain a consistent dough sheet, and dough flow is accurately controlled to maintain dough density, laminations and finished product weights.

The Thomas L. Green Rotary Cutting Station accurately and continuously cuts product shapes out of a single dough sheet and reroutes scrap dough to the dough handling system for reuse. This system can be designed with two die rolls to accommodate complex shape adjustment and can be quickly changed for increased product flexibility.

For soft biscuit forming, the Thomas L. Green Rotary Molder is designed for high definition, three dimensional biscuits, cookies, sandwich cookies, and pet treats. Interchangeable die rolls and lockable casters make the Rotary Molder a portable and versatile part of your production line.

Conduct Confidential Trials

At the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center, a cutting-edge research and test facility, you can work with our team to develop new products; validate new ingredients; test new machinery; research innovations in mixing, forming, and baking; and produce market samples for testing.

The Innovation Center includes a complete process line for making biscuits, crackers, baked snacks, and many other food products. The sheeting equipment consists of a 3-Roll Sheeter, 2 Gauging Stations with adjustable roll speed differential, and a 2-station Rotary Cutter. The entire sheeting line is controlled by a remote Operator Interface Terminal.

Reading Bakery Systems supports customers with flexible, efficient biscuit ovens and other solutions that will keep them competitive in a very challenging food market. Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 for more information or click here to contact us online.