Commercial Dough Mixer

When you need a commercial dough mixer that is precise, cost-effective, reliable, and eliminates undesirable variations in your dough from batch to batch, consider Exact Mixing Continuous Mixers from Reading Bakery Systems.

Reading Bakery Systems is a leading manufacturer of bakery equipment. Headquartered in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, our goal is to help customers around the world meet their production challenges and take their cookie, cracker, biscuit, pretzel, and pet treat operations to the next level.

Continuous Mixing

Batch mixing has been the primary mixing method in the bakery industry for many years. However, newer technologies have been developed over the last 20 years that make it possible to produce as much as 20,000 pounds of dough per hour on an as-needed basis with the help of modern bulk handling and metering technologies.

Continuous mixing offers customers numerous advantages over batch mixing for a variety of reasons, depending upon their products, processes, recipes, and other factors. The biggest advantage in all applications is the ability to produce more consistent dough and, therefore, a more consistent finished product.

Exact Mixing offers a variety of mixer models for different types of products. Production volumes range from 50 kg/hour to over 10,000 kg/hour. The process can be accomplished in an almost employee-free environment, resulting in significant cost savings and value.

One model, the Exact EX Continuous Mixer, is ideal for pretzels, crackers, pie crusts, pizza, pet treats and a variety of other wheat-based products. It uniformly mixes products with a variety of dough moisture levels. This mixer offers dough production rates from 100 to 10,000 kg/hour.

Another solution is the Exact HDX or High Development Continuous Mixer, which is ideal for ultra-high absorption doughs, such as buns, breads, English muf­fins and similar products. It is designed to ­first mix all ingredients into a uniform mass with a twin screw mixer and, in a separate section, knead the dough to the proper development level with a single screw mixer, all at low temperatures.

Batch Mixing

If you work with doughs that require a two-stage mixing process and a fermentation period in between, such as cracker doughs, the Thomas L. Green Vertical Spindle Mixer can streamline your entire process.

The mixer allows the same dough to be mixed twice but remain in the same trough throughout the process. After the first mixing stage, the dough rests in the trough and can then be repositioned beneath the spindles and mixed again to incorporate the final ingredients.

The Vertical Spindle Mixer has been recently re-designed to increase its structural rigidity, improve the safety interlocked guarding system and accessibility for cleaning and maintenance, and modernize its style and appearance. The latest model will continue to work with existing Thomas L. Green dough troughs.

To learn more about continuous mixing and how it can help improve your mixing process, we invite you to visit the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center where you can see your products being mixed in a continuous process, and test our latest new equipment and processing techniques.

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