Commercial Gas Oven for Bakeries

Commercial bakeries in the biscuit, cookie or cracker industries that are looking for a state-of-the-art direct gas fired oven to improve production processes and meet growing demands, will appreciate the cost-effective, energy efficient solution available from Reading Bakery Systems.

The Thomas L. Green brand has been a trusted oven brand for more than a century and merged with Reading Bakery Systems in 2001. The ovens deliver a reliable baking platform for crackers, hard biscuits, soft biscuits, cookies and toaster pastries and have also been applied to brownies, pancakes, English muffins, biscotti and more.

The Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN is a flexible single-pass baking platform. Each oven zone is available with a number of options to permit the precise combination of radiation, convection heating and conduction – in a cost-effective system.

The Direct Gas Fired (DGF) Zone is used for product development. Low-pressure DGF burners are positioned above and below the product in the baking chamber. Top and bottom temperatures can be independently controlled by the operator. As an option, firebricks can be installed against the roof of the baking chamber for maximum heat retention and balanced delivery to the product. The balanced exhaust system allows moisture removal without disturbing the airflow around the product.

The Single Pass Convection Zone can be used for setting, coloring or drying. Combustion and make-up air is heated in the penthouse and circulated to the baking chamber. The air is distributed to the product above and below the conveyor. Control of the exhaust, air temperature and circulation velocity allows the operator to control the product moisture removal rate.

For product development or setting, the Recirculation Zone provides both radiant and convection heat transfer profiles but can also be configured as a pure radiation or pure convection module. Forced air convection and passive radiant heat can be controlled by adjusting dampers in the plenums above and below the product conveyor. Air is re-circulated from the baking chamber back into the convection process for improved baking efficiency.

This flexible design of the PRISM OVEN offers a significant advantage when different products are produced on the same line. It can be customized to your unique specifications and pre-assembled for quicker installation.

And monitor oven performance with the unique SCORPION® 2 Data Logging Measurement System, a powerful diagnostic and evaluation tool that measures temperature, air velocity, heat flux and humidity in real-time, and allows customers to create the ideal conditions for producing the very best end product.

Energy Efficiency

In our efforts to help customers perfect their processes and products with baking equipment and complete turnkey systems that are tailored to their needs, Reading Bakery Systems provides ovens with these and other energy efficient features:

  • Heat exchangers that use pre?heated exhaust air in convection baking zones
  • Fuel flow meters to record fuel usage and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Oven belts with lower mass densities
  • Downtime software for idle oven periods when no product is being processed

The PRISM OVEN is the industry-leading gas oven for commercial bakeries. It promotes uniform quality, color, taste and texture. Call Reading Bakery Systems at (01) 610-693-5816 or click here to contact us online to experience the world’s most advanced commercial baking systems.