Dough Mixing Machine Manufacturers

As leading manufacturers of dough mixing machines and a complete range of other commercial baking equipment, Reading Bakery Systems can help you produce consistent, high-quality products, reduce labor, and cut costs.

Exact Mixing by Reading Bakery Systems is the global leader in continuous mixing technology with more than 100 installations worldwide. Our continuous mixing systems are well-suited to the baked snack, cookie, cracker, sweet goods, pizza, tortilla, pet treats, and bread and buns industries.

About Continuous Mixing

While batch mixing has been the mixing method in the bakery industry for many years, it can lack precision and lead dough variations that impact the consistency of your finished products.Even if the dough is perfect when it leaves the batch mixer, changes often occur to the dough while it awaits processing.This is known as the batch cycle.

Continuous Mixing is the process of continuously metering ingredients directly into the mixing chamber to generate a continuous stream of mixed product at the exit of the mixer. The mixing may be done in stages to ensure all ingredients are incorporated properly.

The continuous mixing process has many advantages compared to batch mixing, including:

  • Dough production rates from 50 to 10,000 kg/hour
  • Consistently disperses ingredients
  • Prevents undesirable variations from batch to batch
  • Uniformly hydrates dough
  • Recipe control and repeatability
  • Completely automated process
  • Eliminates chance of dough contamination
  • Can be operated with less labor and energy than batch mixing
  • For non-baked products, achieves verifiable kill temperatures

The Exact MX Continuous Mixer is our most versatile mixer and is suitable for a wide range of products including pizza, snacks, pretzels, cookies, snacks, batters, icings, and pastes. It is often used as the first stage mixer in multi-stage operations.

The Exact EX Continuous Mixer is an excellent choice for the gentle kneading of wheat-based products, such as crackers, bagels, sweet goods, and for most wheat based dough.

The Exact HDX Continuous Mixer is a two-stage system designed specifically to manufacture highly developed dough at low temperatures for buns, breads, rolls, English muffins or tortillas.

The Exact FX Continuous Mixer is a high-intensity mixer designed to distribute small amounts of moisture evenly into large amounts of powder. It is ideal for potato-, corn- and rice-based products and specialty baked snacks, such as fabricated potato chips.

Test Our Equipment

To learn more about continuous mixing and how it can help improve your mixing process, we invite you to visit the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center where you can see your products being mixed in a continuous process, and test our latest new equipment and processing techniques. We encourage you to conduct confidential trials in the Center and duplicate conditions you might encounter in full-scale production.

Industrial continuous dough mixing machines from Reading Bakery Systems offer unparalleled solutions for complex mixing challenges.Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 to find out more about our innovative baking equipment or click here to contact us online.