Industrial Baked Potato Chips Machinery

Reading Bakery Systems serve customers in the global snack food industry, providing high-quality industrial machinery for the production of baked potato chips, baked crisps, and other products such as crackers, biscuits, pretzels, bread snacks, pet treats and more.

Our Multi-Crisp Baked Snack System allows you to produce a variety of wheat, potato and corn masa flour crisps on one flexible system. The system can produce between 250-1000 kg/hr of finished product, depending on the number of oven sections after the forming equipment.

After continuous mixing to ensure even moisture distribution throughout the dough and consistent and appealing product textures, the single-reduction, 2-Roll Sheeter discharges a continuous dough sheet directly onto the Rotary Cutter infeed conveyor. Product pieces are cut by the Rotary Cutter interchangeable die rolls and then baked and dried in a two pass, convection SPECTRUM OVEN® system.

Mixing Equipment

Continuous mixing offers customers numerous advantages over batch mixing for a variety of reasons, depending upon their products, processes, recipes, and other factors. The biggest advantage in all applications is the ability to produce more consistent dough and, therefore, a more consistent finished product.

The advantages include:

  • more precise delivery of raw materials to the mixer
  • eliminates mixer loading errors
  • equipment takes up less space
  • at higher dough production rates, the cost is equal to or less than that of the batch mixer
  • quick and easy sanitation
  • automated operation reduces labor costs

The Exact FX Mixer evenly distributes small amounts of moisture into large amounts of powder and is ideal for hydroscopic powders, such as potato flakes used to make fabricated potato chips, and other low moisture mixtures.

Next in the production line, the single-reduction, 2-Roll Sheeter produces a continuous dough sheet that is discharged directly onto the Rotary Cutter infeed conveyor.

Cutting Equipment

When your process requires the ability to accurately and continuously cut discrete shapes from a single dough sheet, the Thomas L. Green Rotary Cutting Station is the ideal solution. An integrated conveyor system moves product through a rotating die assembly. Operators can adjust the pressure on the dough sheet to ensure a thorough cut and consistent piece production. Scrap dough is removed and discharged from the machine and can be re-routed to the dough handling system for reuse.

Baking Equipment

With the Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN®, customers benefit from a variety of heat transfer combinations in one modular design. The single pass convection baking platform is designed for balanced and consistent baking of pet treats. Operators control the product moisture removal rate for maximum quality assurance. A dryer may be combined with the oven zone to create a space efficient two-pass baking chamber.

Innovation Center

If you are unsure about which equipment may be right for your products, visit with our team at the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, where you can conduct confidential trials on our process equipment, including batch or continuous mixing, sheeting, low pressure extrusion, caustic cooking, and convective or radiant baking.

The wide variety of innovative industrial machinery for baked potato chips and baked crisps that is available from Reading Bakery Systems will handle all aspects of your manufacturing process. Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 or click here to learn more about the world’s most advanced commercial baking systems.