Industrial Bakery Equipment Hong Kong

Reading Bakery Systems provides innovative industrial bakery equipment to customers in Hong Kong and around the globe for the production of biscuits, cookies, crackers, pretzels, sweet goods, baked potato chips, bread snacks, baked crisps, pet treats and more.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) would be happy to customize a solution for your commercial bakery in Hong Kong to suit your needs. Our service and technical support teams are ready to travel to sites around the world to guide you through the installation of new processing lines and train plant personnel on maintenance and safety issues.

Mixing Solutions

Producing large quantities of consistent, uniform dough can be a challenge, and batch mixing can lead to dough variations that affect the consistency of your products.

Continuous mixing equipment can accurately deliver ingredients to the mixer at rates high enough to help you produce a better quality finished product.

The Exact HDX Continuous Mixer, for example, is a great choice for ultra-high absorption doughs, such as buns, breads, rolls, English muffins and similar products. If you manufacture pretzels, crackers, pizza, pet treats or other wheat-based products, the Exact EX Continuous Mixer uniformly mixes products with a variety of dough moisture levels and is well-suited to all but the lowest viscosity powder/liquid mixtures.

Baking Solutions

Customers in the global biscuit, cookie and cracker industry have trusted the Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN for more than a century. The single-pass baking platform is designed to improve consistency and promote uniform product quality, color, taste and texture.

The Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVENĀ®offers the same flexibility as the PRISM OVEN for baking pretzels, bread snacks, crisps and potato snacks, with a number of different combinations of heat transfer zones in one modular design.

The convection baking platform features operator-controlled air temperature, circulation speed, exhaust, and moisture removal for reliable, consistent baking. The addition of an optional SPECTRUM Multi-Pass Dryer will increase oven speed, production throughput and process control.

Turnkey Production Systems

The Multi-Crisp Baked Snack System enables you to produce a variety of wheat, potato, multi-grain and corn masa flour crisps on one flexible system. The system can produce between 250-1000 kg/hr of finished product, depending on the number of oven sections after the dough sheeting equipment.

The modern, high volume Cracker System enables you to create straight sheeted, dual sheeted and laminated crackers. Sheeting systems can range from 600mm to 1.5m in width, and production volumes range from 200-5500 kg/hr depending on oven length, width and product type.

The Pretzel & Snack System incorporates the Reading Pretzel Low Pressure (LP) Extruder which enables you to create a variety of pretzel shapes, sticks, braids, filled sticks and bread snacks on one production line. Our standard, high volume production lines produce volumes from 400-1000 kg/hr, and can be installed as automatic or manually operated systems.

When you need high-quality industrial bakery equipment in Hong Kong, find out more about our complete product line by calling the Reading Bakery Systems headquarters at (01) 610-693-5816. Click here to contact us online.