Industrial Bakery Oven

When your snack food production process calls for high quality and accuracy, industrial bakery ovens from Reading Bakery Systems offer customers around the world the opportunity to improve product consistency and meet production challenges. We can customize a commercial oven that meets your unique needs.

Reading Bakery Systems has installed hundreds of oven systems worldwide. Whether you produce biscuits, cookies, crackers, pretzels, potato chips, bread snacks, toaster pastries, or pet treats, our two primary oven brands – Thomas L. Green and Reading Pretzel – offer the world’s most advanced commercial oven systems that focus on fuel efficiency, production capacity, ease-of-use, ease-of-maintenance, floor space and cost.

Pretzels, Crisps, Bread Snacks and Potato Snacks

The Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN® offers a single modular design with flexible heat transfer combinations.

  • In the Single Pass Convection Zone, combustion and make-up air is heated in the penthouse above the baking chamber and circulated into the baking chamber. Consistent airflow is provided across the product, and product moisture removal is accomplished with operator control of exhaust, air temperature and circulation velocity.
  • The flexible SMART Zone blends heat transfer from both radiant and convection sources. It can be configured as pure radiation, pure convection or a combination of the two methods, an excellent solution when different products are produced on the same line.
  • The space-saving Convection Oven over Kiln Zone features a standard convection zone mounted over a kiln or drying zone. Oven and dryer modules are independently controlled and monitored. The separate processes allow for more efficient production of products that have longer dry times or greater mass.

Oven zones are pre-assembled for quicker installation, and full stainless steel is available to address salt, corrosion and high humidity levels.

Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers

The Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN has been trusted in the biscuit, cracker and cookie industry for over a century. It is a flexible single-pass baking platform that offers a combination of radiation, convection heating and conduction.

  • Used for product development, the Direct Gas Fired (DGF) Zone positions low-pressure DGF burners above and below the product in the baking chamber. Both heat temperatures can be independently controlled by the operator, and unique burner profiles can be established.
  • For setting, coloring or drying, the Single Pass Convection Zone heats combustion and make-up air in the penthouse, circulates it into the baking chamber, and distributes it to the product above and below the conveyor. Operators control moisture extraction by controlling the exhaust, air temperature and circulation velocity.
  • Used for product development or setting, the Recirculation Zone provides both radiant and convection heat transfer profiles but can be configured as a pure radiation or pure convection module. This is an ideal solution when you need to produce different products on the same line.

The PRISM and SPECTRUM OVENS promote uniform quality, color, taste and texture. They can be customized to your unique specifications and pre-assembled for quicker installation.

When you are ready to explore the capabilities of the world’s finest industrial bakery ovens and other commercial baking equipment, we invite you to get in touch with Reading Bakery Systems by clicking here or calling us at (01) 610-693-5816.