Industrial Convection Oven

Reading Bakery Systems is a leading manufacturer of commercial bakery equipment. The Reading Pretzel industrial convection oven – the SPECTRUM OVEN® - is one of the world’s most advanced commercial oven systems and has helped to make us a leader in the pretzel, crisp, bread snack and potato snack industries.


The Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN® offers a variety of heat transfer combinations in a single modular design.

Single Pass Convection Zone: In this zone, combustion and make-up air is heated in the penthouse and circulated into the baking chamber below. The air is distributed to the product above and below the conveyor through plenums that deliver consistent airflow. The operator is able to control the product moisture removal rate by managing the exhaust, air temperature and circulation velocity.
SMART Zone (Radiant/Convection): This flexible zone blends heat transfer from both radiant and convection sources. A convection plenum above the product band contains radiant panels mounted in-between openings in the plenum. Another convection plenum runs underneath the conveyor. It can be configured as pure radiation, pure convection or a combination of the two methods, an excellent solution when different products are produced on the same line.
Convection Oven over Kiln Zone: A space-saving zone, a standard convection zone is mounted over a kiln or drying zone. Products pass through the baking chamber, are transferred to a second conveyor running beneath the oven, and move in the opposite direction through the dryer. Convection heat is applied through a forced air plenum that runs underneath the conveyor. Oven and dryer modules are independently controlled and monitored. Separation of the processes allows for more efficient production of products that have longer dry times or greater mass.

In summary, the advantages of the SPECTRUM OVEN® include:

  • Radiation, convection and conduction heat transfer options
  • Stainless steel interior construction
  • Separate heating zones for precise control
  • Repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity and type of heat transfer
  • Precise control of product quality
  • Operator controlled modification of heat distribution
  • Oven zones pre-assembled for quicker installation
  • Large cleanout oven access doors
  • Optional full stainless steel to address salt, corrosion and high humidity levels

Saving Energy

At Reading Bakery Systems, we provide customers with energy efficient ovens by utilizing these and other measures:

  • Heat exchangers that use pre?heated exhaust air in convection baking zones
  • Fuel flow meters to record fuel usage and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Oven belts with lower mass densities
  • Downtime software for idle oven periods when no product is being processed

Our primary goal is to help customers perfect their processes and their products with baking equipment and complete turnkey systems that are specifically tailored to their needs. Our range of equipment, expertise, pioneering R&D, and legendary customer service are unrivaled in the industry.

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