Industrial Mixing Equipment

Consistent dough mixing is a challenge for any baked food manufacturer. When you need reliable industrial mixing equipment, count on Reading Bakery Systems, the global leader in continuous mixing technology. Our Exact Mixing continuous mixers can simplify your production processes and enhance the quality of your products.

Reading Bakery Systems, headquartered in Robesonia, PA, serves snack food manufacturers around the globe. We offer a complete line of mixing, dough handling and forming, baking, drying, and supplemental equipment, bread snack systems, biscuit systems, cracker systems, potato snack systems, and pretzel systems.

Continuous Mixing Equipment

Continuous mixing offers a consistent, uniform dough stream to your production line at the same rate that it is being used.

Exact Mixing offers the most advanced continuous mixing technologies available today. Models include:

Exact EX MixerGentle kneading for wheat-based products. It uniformly mixes products where dough moisture levels range from very low to very high, and does not generate excessive heat.
Exact HDX MixerHigh development mixing for ultra-high absorption doughs. It is ideal for products such as buns, breads, English muffins and similar products, and is designed to manufacture highly developed dough at low temperatures.
Exact MX MixerIntense mixing action for products requiring high energy mixing. It is particularly well suited for high moisture / high fat content doughs, such as icings, cremes, batters, fillings and low viscosity mixtures.
Exact LDX MixerTwo-stage mixing for products that benefit from creme up and final mixing stages. This Continuous Mixer is ideal for most types of cookies or any application where ingredients are blended before flour is added.
Exact FX MixerHigh speed lofting for low moisture, hydroscopic powder type mixtures. It evenly distributes small amounts of moisture into large amounts of powder and is ideal for hydroscopic powders, such as potato flakes used to make fabricated potato chips, and other low moisture mixtures.

A complete Exact Mixing Continuous Mixing System includes the mixer, blender, materials handling and ingredients metering, as well as the control system that monitors and distributes product between them. We provide complete systems, testing and installation supervision for both straight dough and liquid ferment systems.

Batch Mixing Equipment

If you are working with doughs that require a two-stage mixing process with a fermentation period in between, such as cracker doughs, the Thomas L. Green Vertical Spindle Mixer is an ideal way to streamline your entire process.

The Vertical Spindle Mixer has been recently re-designed to increase its structural rigidity, improve the safety interlocked guarding system and accessibility for cleaning and maintenance, and modernize its style and appearance. The latest model will continue to work with existing Thomas L. Green dough troughs.

With more than 120 years of commercial baking experience, Reading Bakery Systems offers industrial mixing equipment and other solutions that are designed to meet your production needs. Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 or click here to contact us online to learn more about our innovative products.