Industrial Ovens for Bakeries

Reading Bakery Systems offers the world’s most advanced industrial ovens to help commercial bakeries perfect their processes and meet increasing demand for their products.

Reading Bakery Systems is a world leading manufacturer of industrial baking equipment, providing innovative process solutions for the food industry. We offer turnkey systems capable of producing a wide range of snack products, commercial ovens, and oven profiling systems.

We have installed hundreds of oven systems worldwide. Whether you bake biscuits, cookies, crackers, pretzels, potato chips, bread snacks, toaster pastries, or pet treats, we can help you customize a commercial oven that meets your unique needs.

Flexible, High-Quality Ovens

The Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN has been trusted in the biscuit, cookie and cracker industry for more than a century. It is a flexible single-pass baking platform designed to enhance product consistency. Features include:

  • Direct gas fired, convection and combination radiant/convection baking zones
  • Repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity and type of heat transfer
  • Non-corrosive steel interior, stainless optional
  • Promotes uniform quality, color, taste and texture
  • Improves baking efficiency
  • Pre-assembled for quicker installation
  • Large cleanout oven access doors

The Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN® offers the same flexibility as the Prism Oven for baking pretzels, bread snacks, crisps and potato snacks. It features:

  • Radiation, convection and conduction heat transfer options
  • Built and controlled as separate heating zones for more precise control
  • Repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity and type of heat transfer
  • Stainless steel interior construction
  • Oven zones pre-assembled for quicker installation
  • Adjustable air velocity circulation in oven chamber by inverter
  • Precise control of product quality
  • Large cleanout oven access doors

Both ovens are available in full stainless steel construction where salt, corrosion or high humidity levels are a concern.

Multi-Pass Dryer

The Reading Pretzel Multi-Pass Dryer eff­iciently reduces the moisture in products and improves overall quality and storage characteristics. A dryer module may be combined with an oven module to create a space-efficient two-pass baking chamber.

Products pass along three different conveyors inside the dryer while hot air is forced through the product pile from above or below the conveyor belt. Air is heated in the penthouse above the dryer and forced through the plenums surrounding the conveyor belts. Two separate heat transfer zones can be supplied with air circulated at different speeds and temperatures and can be independently controlled and monitored.

Performance Monitoring

Optimum process conditions can be maintained by monitoring oven performance with the unique SCORPION® 2 Data Logging Measurement System. This powerful diagnostic and evaluation tool contributes valuable data by measuring temperature, air velocity, heat flux and humidity in real-time, allowing our customers to optimize the conditions they need to produce an excellent end product. The SCORPION® 2 system has become a baking industry standard.

Whether you need industrial ovens or the other innovative commercial mixing, forming, baking and drying equipment we manufacture for bakeries, we invite you to get in touch with Reading Bakery Systems by clicking here or calling (01) 610-693-5816 to find out how we can meet your needs.