Manufacturing Stackable Potato Chips

Reading Bakery Systems offers modular Stackable Fried Chip Systems that efficiently produce fabricated stackable potato chips. The systems can handle all aspects of your manufacturing process, provide you with more flexibility than ever before, and produce between 250-750 kg/hr depending on your fryer capacity.

Headquartered in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, Reading Bakery Systems serves customers in the global snack food industry, providing high-quality equipment for the production of stackable potato chips, baked potato chips, baked crisps, and other products such as crackers, biscuits, pretzels, bread snacks, pet treats and more.

With more than 120 years of expertise and an unmatched range of equipment, customers rely on our technologically advanced mixing, forming and cutting equipment to improve efficiency, quality, volume and profitability.

Continuous Mixing

The Exact FX Continuous Mixer was designed specifically for the stackable fried chip process. It evenly distributes moisture throughout the potato dough by means of a specialized liquid injection system and a revolutionary mixer shaft design.

Continuous mixing minimizes the time between the mixer and 2-Roll Sheeter, eliminates batch cycle variations, and creates consistent and appealing product textures. With this recipe-driven system, final product quality is assured and is fully repeatable.

Dough Handling

The dough transport conveyor ensures that the dough makes it from the mixer to the 2-Roll Sheeter hopper on a first-in, first-out basis. As an option, a metal detector can be provided to the dough feed system to protect the dough sheeting rolls. Metal detectors monitor the final product before packaging for consumer protection.

Sheeting and Cutting

The Thomas L. Green 2-Roll Sheeter creates a consistent dough sheet that is discharged directly onto the Rotary Cutter infeed conveyor. Its rolls are provided with unions for chilled water supply to maintain roll surface temperatures during production.

The die roll on the Thomas L. Green Rotary Cutter separates the dough sheet into distinct shapes. The Rotary Cutter can be designed with two die rolls to allow a more efficient changeover between product types or sizes.

Test Your Products & Processes

Reading Bakery Systems is a world leading manufacturer of bakery equipment, providing innovative process solutions and support for the snack food industry.

Our brands – Thomas L. Green, Reading Pretzel, Exact Mixing and Reading Thermal – offer continuous mixing solutions, production lines capable of producing a wide range of snack products, and oven profiling and consulting services.

We encourage you to visit with our team at the RBS Science & Innovation Center in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania to test your products and processes on our equipment and determine which equipment may be right for your products.

To experience the world’s finest equipment for manufacturing your stackable potato chips, we invite you to get in touch with Reading Bakery Systems. We offer a wide range of equipment that will meet your unique production needs. Click here or call (01) 610-693-5816 to learn more.