RBS Virtual Snack Seminar Series

Solving Side-to-Side Variation in your Baking Process


Presenter: Nicholas Bossler, Technical Service Manager, Reading Thermal

Date/Time: March 23, 2021 at 11 AM EST

 Solving Side-to-Side Variation in your Baking Process

Have you struggled with inconsistent products across the width of your line? Understanding product level temperature and airflow throughout an oven can make the difference between optimum quality and throughput – and wasteful, under baked or burnt product. The Reading Thermal Temperature and Air Flow Sensor Arrays help you maximize quality and reduce waste. The Temperature Sensor Array measures temperature across the band and over time. This is important because the process of fermentation, product swelling, moisture evaporation, flavor development, and surface coloring are all time and temperature dependent. The Air Velocity Sensor Array helps you spot airflow differences between baking zones, concentrated air velocities on isolated parts of the conveyor, and unwanted air currents at the entrance or exit of the oven.

This seminar will discuss how to use the SCORPION® 2 to solve side-to-side temperature and airflow problems. We will review examples from different types of processes and look at specific case studies where the SCORPION® 2 was used to solve side-to-side product variation

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