NR Baking Oven

Refurbished 1.2m wide Direct Gas Fired Oven, up to 300’ Long

This NR Oven was originally built in 1992 and installed for Cracker Production. It was in service for approximately 15 years. The oven is up to 300 feet long and includes 7 baking zones, and has bricks in the ceiling. See all details of features and benefits included in price below.

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Features & Specifications

Refurbished Oven Details:
  • Up to 300’ Baking Chamber Length
  • Oven Pre-Heat 17M – 49” Flame Width
  • Flynn Ribbon Burners, all rebuilt– 49” Flame Width
  • Up to 7 Zones of baking
  • New Roof Insulation
  • Upper Refractory Brick Throughout entire ceiling
  • New CB5 Oven Band
  • Rebuilt Band Guides
  • New Upper Mineral Wool Insulation
  • New Exhaust Blower Motors
  • New Combustion Blower Motors
  • Zero Gas Combustion System
  • New Modulator Motors throughout the oven
  • New Spark Igniters for all Burners
  • New Pneumatic Take-up for Oven Band
  • New Ignition Safety System on entire oven
  • New PLC Control Panel
  • All Side Plugs rebuilt
  • All New upper Sheet metal in oven
  • All Combustion Blower & Exhaust Blowers rebuilt
  • New Band Alarms on both infeed and outfeed
  • New Band Brush assembly & Motor
  • Oven Support Rollers rebuilt
  • New Oven Band Drive motor & Reducer

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