Biscuit Making Plant Equipment

Customers come to Reading Bakery Systems for the world’s most advanced commercial biscuit making plant equipment and systems that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

As a long-time global leader in the snack food industry, Reading Bakery Systems has been at the forefront of commercial baking systems and technology for more than a century. Our Thomas L. Green brand has been supplying efficient, reliable and cost-effective commercial baking equipment since 1893.

Our service and technical support teams are ready to travel to sites around the world to guide you through the installation of new processing lines and train plant personnel on maintenance and safety issues.

We understand how global on-site training, a quick response time, and outstanding technical support services can make the difference between simply making biscuits and making the best biscuits in the industry.

Biscuit Forming

Soft Biscuits - The Thomas L. Green Rotary Moulder produces high definition, three dimensional shapes by pressing dough into a die roll. Engraved brass die rolls are interchangeable and can be supplied with segmented rings for simultaneous, multiple shape production.

Hard Biscuits – The Thomas L. Green 3-Roll Sheeter generates a consistent dough sheet ready for further thickness reduction. The Gauging Stations then ensure a gentle reduction in sheet thickness prior to shape forming. Dough flow is accurately controlled to maintain dough density, laminations and finished product weights.
Geometic & Distinct Shapes –The Thomas L. Green Rotary Cutting Station accurately and continuously cuts discrete product shapes out of a single dough sheet. An integrated conveyor system moves product through a rotating die assembly. Operators can adjust the pressure on the dough sheet to ensure a thorough cut and consistent piece production. Scrap dough is removed and discharged from the machine and can be re-routed to the dough handling system for reuse.

Biscuit Baking

The Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN is a powerful system for uniform baking of products such as hard and soft biscuits, cookies, crackers, snack cakes and more.

PRISM OVEN customers can design a cost-effective system with a combination of radiation, convection heating and conduction. Hybrid ovens utilize both DGF zones for product development and cooking functions, and convection zones for efficient control of moisture removal and balanced coloring.

In addition to traditional brick, the Thomas L. Green PRISM OVEN is also available with the Thermatec High Radiant Ceiling – a new technology that radiates heat as effectively as fire bricks, is less expensive, and does not need the maintenance that fire bricks require.

Customers worldwide appreciate this oven’s capacity for repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity, and type of heat transfer, and its capacity for improving the uniform color, taste, texture and quality of their products.

As you evaluate equipment for your biscuit making plant, get in touch with Reading Bakery Systems today at (01) 610-693-5816 to find out how we can help you meet your production challenges with our innovative technology.