Commercial Pretzel Oven

When your pretzel production process calls for an advanced, customized commercial oven system, Reading Bakery Systems offers equipment you can rely on for efficiency, quality, high volume and profitability.

Reading Bakery Systems is a long-time global leader in the snack food industry with a unique background in pretzels. Edwin I. Groff, who founded the company as Reading Pretzel Machinery Corp. in 1947, first manufactured pretzel-processing equipment. The company quickly grew into the world leader in high-speed, automatic pretzel machinery, and 50 years later, over 80% of the pretzels manufactured in the U.S. were made on Reading equipment.

Today, Reading Bakery Systems also serves the baked snack, pet treat, biscuit, and cookie and cracker industries. We offer the world’s most advanced oven systems from Thomas L. Green and Reading Pretzel, and other technologically advanced equipment that will help you efficiently produce the tasty snacks that today’s consumers demand.

Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN®

The SPECTRUM OVEN® is an extremely flexible platform. It is available in a number of configurations with different heat transfer modules that allow you to increase product variation by simply adjusting the profile.

Different zones allow for a precise combination of radiation, convection heating and conduction to give you repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity and the type of heat transfer.

Combine an oven module with a kiln (or dryer) module to create a two-pass baking chamber that makes very effective use of limited plant space. Independently control and monitor the two heat transfer zones and remove the final moisture from the product to best suit its characteristics.

Customers who wish to produce high volumes of pretzels and snacks will appreciate the system’s high standard capability of 400-1000 kg/hr. For lower production volumes, our Vector Series Pretzel System is capable of producing from 125-500 kg/hr of finished product.

The Rest of the Pretzel Process

Before your pretzels get to the oven, they’ll require accurate extrusion, cutting, cooking, and dispensing of topping materials (e.g., salt and seeds). Reading Bakery Systems equipment can make your process safer, more flexible, and more efficient than ever before.

  • The Reading Pretzel Low Pressure (LP) Extruderwill enable you to create a variety of structural, flat and filled extruded and co-extruded shapes and sticks. It offers a flexible alternative to conventional dough forming and sheeting systems, and new cost-effective opportunities for the pretzel industry. Produce hard pretzel shapes, sticks, braids or other shapes, and easily exchange compression heads and dies for greater product variation.
  • The single-blade Reading Pretzel Guillotine Cutter uniformly cuts products before or after baking, allowing the operator to create a product size as short as one inch (25 mm) at the press of a button. It can be operated continuously at up to 175 cuts per minute or on a cycle mode at speeds up to 50 cuts per minute, and can be built as standalone machines or integrated into an existing production frame and control system.
  • The Reading Pretzel Automatic Hot Pretzel Cooker evenly cooks pretzels and pretzel-type products and is another integral component of the pretzel processing system. The automatically controlled cooker utilizes a bath or waterfall system to apply caustic solution and provide greater control over product texture and color before baking. A pinroll driven, stainless steel conveyor belt ensures consistent product transfer from the proofing conveyor to the tunnel oven.
  • Omega Dispensers uniformly apply topping materials by means of rotating rolls for application of toppings such as pretzel salt, poppy seeds and sesame seeds, dispensing screens for delivering fine-grain spices and cinnamon, and vibrating trays that dispense toppings like caraway seeds, nut pieces and seed/spice mixes.

Reading Bakery Systems can help you perfect your process and your product, whether you need a commercial pretzel oven or a complete customized system. Call us at (01) 610-693-5816 or click here to contact us online and learn more.