Industrial Baked Crisps Machinery

If you are looking for high-quality industrial machinery for reliable, efficient processing of baked crisps from potato, wheat, multi-grain or corn masa flour doughs on one flexible system, consider Reading Bakery Systems’ industry-leading brands – Thomas L. Green and Reading Pretzel.

The Multi-Crisp System utilizes the FX Continuous Mixer to ensure even moisture distribution throughout the dough. This eliminates batch cycle variations and creates consistent and appealing product textures. The 2 Roll Sheeter creates a consistent dough sheet ready for dough forming or further reduction. Product pieces are then cut by the Rotary Cutter interchangeable die rolls before being baked and dried in a two pass, convection SPECTRUM OVEN® system.

Continuous Mixing

Continuous Mixing is the process of continuously metering ingredients directly into the mixing chamber to generate a continuous stream of mixed product at the exit of the mixer. The mixing may be done in stages to ensure all ingredients are incorporated properly.

The continuous mixing process has numerous advantages compared to batch mixing, including:

  • No undesirable variations from batch to batch
  • Consistent finished weight, size and texture
  • Even dough hydration
  • Recipe control and repeatability
  • High production rates with one mixer
  • Completely automated process
  • Eliminates chance of contamination
  • Can be operated with less labor and energy than batch mixing

The Exact FX Continuous Mixer distributes small amounts of moisture evenly into large amounts of powder. This is accomplished by lifting the powder into atomized liquids. This mixer is ideal for hydroscopic powders such as potato flakes used to make fabricated potato chips or any other low moisture mixtures.

Next, the single-reduction, 2-Roll Sheeter produces a continuous dough sheet that is discharged directly onto the Rotary Cutter infeed conveyor.

Rotary Cutting

The Thomas L. Green Rotary Cutting Station is ideal when your process requires the ability to accurately and continuously cut discrete shapes from a single dough sheet. An integrated conveyor system moves product through a rotating die assembly. Operators can adjust the pressure on the dough sheet to ensure a thorough cut and consistent piece production. Scrap dough is removed and discharged from the machine and can be re-routed to the dough handling system for reuse.

The gap between the conveyor and die roll and the pressure exerted on the conveyor belt is adjustable. Dough sheet thickness is typically between .89mm (.035?) and 1.65mm (.065?) prior to cutting, but thicker sheets may be accommodated.

Rotary Cutting Stations may be designed with two die rolls in series with one another. These can be used in the same production run for complex shape adjustment or they may be used independently for different products on the same line.


The Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN® offers radiation, convection and conduction heat transfer options in a single modular design, making it ideally suited to baked snack crisps, extruded pretzels and snacks, and pet treats.

The single-pass convection baking platform features operator-controlled air temperature, circulation speed, exhaust, and moisture removal for reliable, consistent baking. A kiln or dryer zone may be combined with an oven zone to create a space-efficient two-pass baking chamber.

As leading manufacturers of industrial baked crisps machinery and a complete range of other commercial baking equipment, Reading Bakery Systems can help you reduce labor, cut costs, and produce consistent, high-quality products. Get in touch with us at (01) 610-693-5816 or click here for more information.