Industrial Dough Mixer

Mixing ingredients into a uniform dough is the first and most important step in any baking process. Whatever type of product you make, Reading Bakery Systems has the industrial mixers, experience and expertise to help you improve consistency, simplify your process, reduce labor and cut costs.

With more than 120 years of commercial baking experience, the equipment solutions from Reading Bakery Systems, headquartered in Robesonia, PA, are designed and engineered to meet your production needs. We work side-by-side with customers to meet their process and product challenges with innovative thinking and high quality systems and components.

Batch mixing often lacks precision and can lead to dough variations that impact the consistency of your finished products. Even if the dough is perfect when it leaves the batch mixer, changes can occur to the dough while it waits to be processed.

Continuous Mixing, on the other hand, enables you to produce large quantities of uniform dough and prevent undesirable variations from batch to batch. Benefit from the better integration of minor ingredients, eliminate errors, and operate with less labor and energy than batch mixing.

Exact Mixing by Reading Bakery Systems has earned a reputation for developing the world’s most innovative Continuous Mixing solutions. They are ideal for the baked snack, cracker, sweet goods, pizza, tortilla, cookie, pet treat, and bread and buns industries. We also offer continuous mixing solutions for non-bakery items, such as protein bars, peanut butter, icing and pet treats.

To achieve perfect products every time, consider these Exact Mixing Continuous Mixing options:

The Exact EX Continuous Mixer consistently mixes products with a variety of dough moisture levels and is ideal for gently kneading wheat-based products, such as pretzels, crackers, pizza, sweet goods and pet treats.

The HDX or High Development Continuous Mixer is designed to manufacture highly developed dough at low temperatures. All ingredients are first mixed into a uniform mass with a twin screw mixer. Separately, the dough is kneaded to the proper development level with a single screw mixer. This mixer is well-suited to breads, rolls, buns, English muffins and other high-absorption products.

The LDX Continuous Mixer is an excellent choice for cookies and other products that require a two-stage mixing process. The mixer combines minor ingredients and some flour in the first stage with special mixing elements to cut in fat. In the final stage, the remaining flour is added to create the final dough.

Consider the Exact MX Continuous Mixer when you need high energy mixing for high moisture / high fat content doughs, such as icings, fillings, cremes, batters, and low viscosity mixtures. It can also be used as the first stage mixer in multi-stage operations.

For hydroscopic powders and other low moisture mixtures, consider the FX Continuous Mixer, which distributes small amounts of moisture evenly into large amounts of powder.

We encourage you to visit with our team at the Reading Bakery Systems Science & Innovation Center in Sinking Spring, PA to test your products and processes on our mixing equipment. At this fully licensed food production facility, you can perfect your process using the most advanced Continuous Mixing technology available today.

With more than 100 installations worldwide, Exact Mixing industrial dough mixers offer unparalleled solutions to complex mixing challenges. Call Reading Bakery Systems at (01) 610-693-5816 to find out more about our innovative and technologically advanced baking equipment.