Industrial Pretzel Oven

Reading Bakery Systems is the recognized leader for supplying reliable and flexible industrial pretzel ovens and high-volume pretzel production systems.

As a long-time global leader in the snack food industry, Reading Bakery Systems has a unique background in pretzels. In 1947, Edwin I. Groff founded the company as Reading Pretzel Machinery for the purpose of manufacturing pretzel-processing equipment, including the first commercially-successful automatic pretzel twisting machine.

The company quickly became the world leader in high-speed, automatic pretzel machinery. Years of patient innovation have led to other problem solvers that are still with us today, such as low pressure extrusion, ultrasonic cutters, hot cookers, 2-pass baking systems, variable heat-flux ovens and multi-pass dryers.

Today, we also serve the biscuit, cookie, cracker, baked snack and pet treat industries. Our expertise, innovative research and development, and range of equipment are unmatched, and customers rely on our technologically advanced oven systems from Thomas L. Green and Reading Pretzel for efficiency, quality, high volume and profitability.

High Volume Production

The Reading Pretzel SPECTRUM OVEN® is an extremely flexible platform for customers who wish to produce high volumes of pretzels. The pretzel system offers a high standard capability of 400-1000 kg/hr.

The SPECTRUM OVEN® is available in a number of configurations with different heat transfer modules, enabling you to adjust the profile for more product variation. Each zone can be customized to a specific temperature, air velocity and exhaust.

For baking pretzels, oven temperatures generally range between 400 and 600°F, and baking times from 1.5 to 5 minutes. As pretzels exit the oven, their moisture levels are between 8 and 15%. By combining an oven and dryer module, you can reduce the pretzel moisture to between 2 and 5%, depending on pretzel thickness.

The dryer operates at a low temperature (220 to 300°F). After baking, the product passes through the dryer for 5 to 50 minutes. This slow process enables moisture to escape through the pretzel’s hard shell before transferring the product to packaging. The very low moisture content gives the product a shelf life of up to 6 months.

The SPECTRUM OVEN® can be shipped in factory pre-built modules for fast installation and minimum plant disruption, or can be assembled on-site. It has excellent access for cleaning and is available in full stainless steel construction where salt, corrosion or high humidity levels are a concern.

Lower Production Volumes

For customers interested in producing pretzel shapes and sticks at lower production volumes, we also offer the single-pass Vector Series Pretzel Oven with convection baking, which results in consistent product quality for volumes of 125-500 kg/hr of finished product. The easy-to-use control system provides the operator with complete control of oven temperature, humidity, and product baking time.

Our Vector Series Pretzel Production Line is a complete system that allows you to produce pretzel sticks, pretzel minis, and a variety of other pretzel and snack shapes on the same production line.

As leading manufacturers of industrial pretzel ovens and a complete range of other commercial baking equipment, Reading Bakery Systems can help you reduce costs and produce consistent, high-quality pretzels and snacks. Contact us at (01) 610-693-5816 or click here for more information.