Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) has introduced a new advanced GenesisPro Series WCS Wirecut Machine that offers more control, flexibility, better safety features and easier sanitation. The new Wirecut Machine is ideal for producing a variety of cookies, biscuits and bar products at high throughput yields of up to 300 cuts per minute (cpm), while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and consistent piece weights.

This new wirecut machine has so many new features that we can say it is ‘revolutionary’.

“This new wirecut machine has so many new features that we can say it is ‘revolutionary’,” said Sam Pallottini, director of cookie and pet treat sales at RBS. “It offers snack food producers a new level of safety, control and operational flexibility that will quickly become the industry standard for high production operations.”

The WCS Wirecut Machine uniformly cuts individual shapes by an adjustable wireframe assembly. The recipe-driven linear servo motors provide an infinite number of cam profiles to control wire positioning, stroke length, drop- and up-shoot. Adjustments can easily be made via the integrated touchscreen while the machine is in operation. The unit provides automatic self-timing for wire positioning to the die cup.

Custom-designed die and wirecut assemblies are created for specific product characteristics and can include capabilities for two-dough products, co-extruded cookies, and encapsulated products. Topping dispensers can be integrated into the machine design for further production flexibility. As an option, the machine is capable of frozen dough applications.

Designed with 50 percent less parts than standard wirecut machines, the servo-driven Wirecut Machine is easy to clean and maintain. The design uses common servo motors for improved maintenance and reduced critical spare parts inventory. Wash-down components like dies, filler blocks, wireframes and wirecut heads, are easily removed without tools.

RBS SafeShield design criteria is integrated into the machine to help ensure operator safety, while also making sanitation and maintenance easier. The machine is supplied with light curtains that stop the machine immediately when the curtain is broken, providing 360 degrees of injury prevention. The light guard system also maximizes access to machine components for maintenance or wash down.